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YKK Series High Voltage 3-Phase Induction Motors

YKK series (3kV, 6kV or 10kV) motor is the derived motor of Y series middle-size high voltage motor, which has an air-air cooler. Ideal for the power of fan and pump, etc...MORE


NS Series Stainless Steel Washdown Duty Motors

Designed and manufactured according to NEMA standard. All external surfaces are stainless steel. Ideal for driving food processing, packaging, outdoor and highly corrosive environments...MORE


NEMA Standard Induction Motors

Design B motors are the premium efficiency motors, design C motors are the high torque motors, design D motors are featured with high starting torque, low starting current, multi-power output...MORE


Z4 Series DC Motors

Widely used as the power of such instruments as mining machinery, metallurgy, steel rolling, lifting, watercraft, and electrical transmission engines, which need to adjust the speed in a wide range and the automation system...MORE

Company Profile

Established in 1958. For the 50 years, our company has had great improvement. We were one of the first batch factories to produce the new type motors of China-Y series three-phase induction motors for energy saving in 1983.

Now, our company is a large-sized enterprise with advanced technology, equipment and administration. The total assets is more than USD25,000,000 and the total output is about 5,000,000 kilowatts.

Our company is one of the "China 500 the Largest Producing Electrical Equipment and Machinery Enterprise", "China 20 the Largest Producing Electric Motor Enterprise" and "China Top 50 Industry Enterprise". The composite index of economic benefits of our company is in the top 10 of the industry in China. Our company changed the ownership to shareholding in 1995...MORE

Recommended Brand by China Electric Motor Industry Association.